To Yaksha

Am proud of you, am worried for you.

Am happy for you, am hurried for you.

Am afraid somewhere, I don’t know even why.

This mother is concerned if you smile or cry.

Listen to me darling,

The first time I carried you in my arms, I was undoubtedly the happiest in the world. The sleepless nights with you, the morning tight hug sleep of both of us. The plays, the songs, I used to listen to and you used to dance. The time is scribbled up on my soul dear, what am telling you is just a glance.

 For the very first time, when I massaged and bathed you, was like little life in my hands, with so much of trust.

For the very first time, when our eyes contacted and shared a smile.

The parties and dinners with a little baby in hands, was not easy to make. Still I did.

Even more specially, the photoshoot, the timing of us and camera, is all stored.


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