lets create something

Oh yeah, that’s right,

You’re so beautiful, am almost dead for you,

Though am breathing.

sky will come to earth,

and will say it needs you to blush.

dont give me the moments ,

where you not available,

dont give me the time,

where you are not available.


Lets move to somewhere ,where,

am your night you are my day.

Lets move somewhere, where,

just we can stay.


it stays is what your mark on my personality,

i felt like, you touched,

like we are written in each others hands.

i dont know for what, this lovely symbol stands.


make me like your life,

somewhere mandatory,

somewhere just living.

somewhere its all mine,

somewhere bossy,

somewhere just giving and forgiving.


lets create something which will breathe even after us,

even after we are not here,

even after our togetherness.

believe me , just by talking,

by sharing,

by a conversation only,

we can get through the mess.




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